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Leap, building the future of business.

Are you an ambitious business leader seeking exponential growth, a deep network, access to global insights and mentors? Become a member of Leap, the hyper-connected global community and marketplace that will deliver immediate value to your business.


Leap's hyper-driven marketplace and network expands your reach, cultivating valuable connections, knowledge, perks, opportunities, and transactions.


Access a hyper-connected community at Leap to connect with other like-minded leaders to build your brand and position your company in the market.


Leap is commited to hyper-innovation that supports your business growth more intelligently, faster and securely.

Global market leaders offering exclusive perks to our Leap Members.

leap marketplace

Hyper-Connected Marketplace


Hyper-driven business network

  • Mentorship opportunities to accelerate growth
  • Seamless members interaction within the Leap network
  • Access to exclusive networking events
  • Exclusive Member Care support for introductions and achieving your business goals
DIFC talent network

Reach a hyper-impactful international talent pool

Leap provides access to 50,000+ local and international candidates. Apply to Leap, share your talent needs with our Member Care, and hire qualified candidates more efficiently




David Nunn
CEO, Rvvup
"Even with previous international experience and discussions with a number of banks and accountants, due to our business structure, opening a local bank account was a challenge for more than 6 months. Thanks to the Leap Marketplace, we were introduced to Wio Bank and seamlessly opened an account in one day."
Christina Craver
Head of Product, Leap by DIFC
“We are on a mission to make it faster, easier, safer, and more cost-effective for companies, from startups to global organizations, to accelerate their growth.”
Christian Kunz
Christian Kunz
Chief Strategy, Innovation & Ventures Officer, DIFC
“At DIFC, we understand the evolving needs of our clients. Leap is a reflection of that understanding, providing an exceptional experience for companies to establish themselves, connect meaningfully with peers, and access essential services and talent, and will foster the growth of our dynamic community”
Ivan Lopez
CEO, Leap by DIFC
“Leap delivers a sustainable growth platform to accelerate the DIFC community globally. This demonstrates our conviction to supporting innovation, driving business value, and connecting ecosystems for global growth.”

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