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Welcome to our Marketplace, where startups find cost-effective solutions and exclusive perks to accelerate growth. With significant savings available exclusively through Leap, we curate benefits to save you time and effort. Because finding resources shouldn't consume all your time—we make sure it doesn't. Join us and drive startup success with $8 million in savings already redeemed by our members.


Members can easily discover offers, perks, and services relevant to their business needs.


Sellers and buyers can connect in a secure environment and explore collaboration opportunities.


Accelerate your business forward by leveraging the expertise and resources available in the Leap Marketplace.

Access exclusive perks and offers only through Leap


Access, reach and connect

Amplify your Business Visibility to potential customers and partners.

Create and access exclusive perks

Increase leads, expanding your customer base within the ecosystem.

Get exclusive advice and guidance from our Members Care team to support and enhance your business growth.

Boost sales and revenue, via Leap promotional tools.

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Dodi Kawouk
Executive Director, Avnovo Fintech
"Leap has played a crucial role in supporting our business goals, especially in terms of networking and cost-savings. These benefits have allowed us to reallocate resources more effectively, focusing on areas of our business that drive growth. The ability to connect with other DIFC companies has opened doors to partnerships that were previously challenging."
Kayode Odeleye
CEO, Caena
"My experience of Leap has been overwhelmingly positive. I would and I have recommended Leap to other founders within the DIFC community. But not just that, I’ve recommended Leap to other founders considering setting up in the UAE from other countries."
Karl Abou Zeid
Founder & CEO, Fundbot
"The services offered are very interesting and beneficial. It’s a great opportunity to have our products listed and also having access to the offerings of the DIFC community. We would definitely advise other startups to make the best use of it as well."
Jaap Bastiaansen
COO, Senior Partner, Nexus Climate
“Moving abroad and setting up a new company is an endeavor that's anything but straightforward. The multitude of tasks and decisions can be overwhelming, especially when you're new to the region. However, Leap has significantly eased this transition, fostering a community platform that not only supports but also enriches new businesses.”

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How do I become a Member of Leap Marketplace?

To become a Marketplace member, navigate to our Marketplace page, fill out the vendor form, and our team will get back to you on next steps to verify your company. Once verified, you'll receive an email notification to Sign Up to the platform, create your account, and activate your company profile to start enjoying the platform features.

How does Leap Marketplace work?

Leap Marketplace functions as an online platform that facilitates introductions and transactions between buyers and sellers. Users begin by registering on the platform, creating accounts, and agreeing to terms and conditions. The platform offers an extensive array of products or services, allowing users to browse and search using filters and categories. Sellers create detailed listings that include descriptions and prices. In case of issues, marketplace support team are available to assist and resolve concerns. It's recommended that users familiarize themselves with the platform's guidelines for a smooth and secure experience.

How can members claim perks and offers?

To claim perks and offers, members should log in to the platform and navigate to the marketplace. All Leap members can select services or providers directly or use the search function by category. Once on a specific offer, members can view the details of available perks. When ready to proceed, members have the option to either claim the perk directly or inquire for more information from the seller.