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Elevate your business with Leap's Marketplace! Amplify your visibility, connect with a growing community of potential buyers, and maximise your sales potential with the Leap platform.


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Increase leads and expand your customer base within our ecosystem.


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Access, Reach and Connect

Amplify your visibility to customers and partners

Boost sales and revenue with easy access to fast-growing customers

Create and access exclusive perks

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How do I join the Marketplace?

If you are interested in becoming a seller on Leap’s Marketplace, please contact info@leapbydifc.com or fill in the form leapbydifc.com/vendor-form

What are the different types of offerings I can "list" on the Marketplace?

Perk - an offer that goes beyond the company’s core services. It can include a unique discount, additional features, or other enticing benefits. To redeem a perk, a user will often need to be prompted by “Next Steps” or meet some eligibility criteria. Fixed Price Service - Core functionalities and standard functions/features. Customers pay for the service as a fixed price (eg. annual subscription to a SaaS platform or a one-off payment for a specific legal service. Free Service - Core functionalities and standard functions/features offered for free to Leap members. Requires Quote - Pricing of these services depends on multiple factors in which Leap members will enquire about the service and you may quote on their specific needs.

How many offers can I create?

As a Leap vendor, you can have up to 3 offers live on the platform. These offers can be a mix of offer types (perk, fixed price service, requires quote and a free service). You can create more than 3 offers, but can only have up to 3 live offers on the Marketplace.

How can I deactivate one of my offers on the marketplace?

If you access your seller dashboard and go to My Offers, select the offer you would like to disable. While editing the offer, view the status section and change “Live” to “Disabled”. Click Save once you finished and your offer will not appear on the Marketplace for customers to view and purchase.