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Leap addresses the challenges of business growth by offering a hyper-driven and hyper-connected business community for founders, corporates, investors, and service providers.


Leap offers a trusted network for entrepreneurs, providing exclusive perks and tailor-made events to meet specific needs.


Leap members thrive with heightened market awareness, expanded reach, and a dynamic entrepreneurial journey nurtured by the supportive Leap Members Care team.

As a member of Leap, accelerate and scale your business smarter, faster, and safer.

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Hyper-driven Value

Access a collaborative and hyper-driven platform that enables businesses to connect and thrive.

Connect with industry mentors, experts and compelling community events.

Promote your company on the platform and gain access to unique community opportunities.

Enjoy member-exclusive perks and offers tailored for your startup journey.

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Hyper-active Approach

Access to the DIFC ecosystem of 5,000+ businesses and 50,000+ talented individuals.

Tap into our team's global community for unparalleled collaboration and growth.

We are your growth partners, guiding individuals and businesses to scale and grow.

Leap unlocks exclusive perks & events to grow quickly and efficiently.

Global market leaders offering exclusive perks to our Leap Members.

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What are the steps to follow to become a Leap Member?

1. Click Leap Now: Fill out and submit the membership application. 2. The Leap Team will proceed to start your company's verification process. 3. Once you are verified, you will receive an email notification, and you will be ready to sign in to the platform for the first time, create an account and activate your company profile to start enjoying the platform features.

What are Leap Membership benefits?

As a Leap Member, you gain exclusive access and reach through the Leap Marketplace, Network, Brand Opportunities, and programmes, among many other exclusive benefits that you can request access to through our Members Care Team. Our main objective is to serve your needs, providing support and empowerment throughout your journey

What is the Leap Brand Programme, and what does it offer?

The Leap Brand Programme offers various benefits, such as enhanced brand visibility through exclusive marketing opportunities, featured ad space on our platform and sponsorship for market events. Additionally, you will have access to our Members Care team for personalized consultations tailored to your business goals.

How can I become a Leap Mentor?

To become a Leap Mentor, express your interest by reaching out to our Members Care team. Upon receiving your application, our team will review it within 2 business days, and you will receive additional details about the mentorship program. We appreciate your interest in contributing to the Leap community!

Is there a cost associated with becoming a member?

There is currently no cost associated with becoming a member of Leap. We extend a warm invitation to entrepreneurs and business leaders to join Leap and be part of our Members community. Leap reserves the right to apply fees in the future, as well as exclusive terms and conditions shall apply for the Marketplace.